Specialist in Engineering Software Development


SW ROAD is a road designing software package that is efficient, powerful, accurate and easy to learn. It generates precise road design outputs considering all the parameters of road design. It provides all the cross-sections, profile and final alignment design with the facility to design in a single screen at same time. The quantity calculation is done by the software and the data output is obtained in Excel, ready to print format, while the drawings of Cross Sections, Profile and Plan are obtained in AutoCAD file format.

Design, Drawing and Quantity Off-take of Road Works

SW ROAD is a complete package for road design that is efficient, powerful, accurate and convenient. It has been successfully applied in many roads project in Nepal and abroad since its original program written by Mr. Prashant Malla in 1993. Over the past 13 years the software has evolved significantly with feedback from numerous project applications.

Built-in Digital Terrain Modeling

The SW ROAD has a built-in DTM with unlimited points capability. The DTM also contains feature line definition enabling the user control over the surface model and contour creation. The DTM is seamlessly integrated and can be used for extraction of Longitudinal and Cross section profiles as well as 3D visualization.

AutoCAD Interface

SW ROAD provides complete interaction with AutoCAD 2000 and later. A standalone design environment is also provided. It also allows production of final drawings with sheet planning directly in AutoCAD format.

3D Visualization

3D visualization of the road work is included with interactive viewing and driving mode. The 3D visualization provides detailing of the walls, location of culverts, and cut-fill lines in complete rendered visual way.

Powerful Cross-Section Editor

SW ROAD Includes a powerful cross-section editor with many options for structures, drains, walls etc. Facilities like saving the structure for future use, editing the parameters for individual elements and search and replacing of the structures provides a very convenient design environment.

Automated Quantity Abstraction

The quantities are automatically extracted from the cross-sections for various types of works e.g. cut, fill, structure cut, structure volume etc. Quantities can be extracted for any given range of changes. A mass haul diagram is also integrated for earthwork to plan the soil tips etc.

Complex Design of Hill Roads

The software is capable of handing complex design of the hill road. Options like checking for center line shifts, optimization of the structures, editing of the parameters for extra-widening and super-elevation, drainage designs provides a powerful design environment required for the complex design of the hill roads.


The SW ROAD has built-in staking module which is capable of providing information in the plan with all types of the structures, cut-fill lines etc. This information is can be effectively used in land acquisition, temporary by-pass and storage planning works.

Extra Widening & Super-Elevation Editing

The extra-widening, super-elevation editing are provided online and the changes are readily updated in the plan and cross-section.

Variable Road Widths and Pass-By

The variable road widths as well as Pass-By for hill roads are specially handled giving a designer a complete control over the complex design of the hill roads.

Different Types of Horizontal Curves

Horizontal curves can be circular, circular & spiral combination or completely spiral. It can generate output with complete information of curve elements of the horizontal curves in few minutes.

Database Integration

Necessary data like design parameters and other data inputs are stored in database system and so this program takes full advantages of database system and also link to variety of other information system.

Wide Application

The Software is widely used by national and international consultants, contractors and executing agencies.