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GIS Based Water Supply Distribution Network Modeling Software. (Windows 7 Compatible)

GIS-WSP is a Geographical Information System Based Water Supply Distribution Network Modeling Software. The Computational Engine is based on the EPANET 2.0 and the software is embedded in the ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.x. Integration to GIS environment enhances the software application which can include other related layers including the consumer mapping and other social data as well. The Upgraded Version uses the MYSQL Support for the Back-End Database Support.

Satellite Map Integration

Inherent capability of the ArcGIS can be effectively utilized. For the places where no suitable base maps are available, ortho-rectified Satellite Imageries can be utilized as background map to build the network in true scale. If suitable base maps are available these can be easily integrated and network can be built. The network thus represents the true scale and the length of pipes can be extracted from the map itself..

Automated Elevation From Map

A DEM (Digital Elevation Model) can be used to extract the elevations for the junctions automatically. The DEM can also be utilized to prepare 3D presentation.

Export & Import for EPANET

Since the software utilizes the EPANET computational engine, entire model can be exported to EPANET and also modeled in the EPANET environment. This feature is useful for disseminating the model to the other parties who do not have GIS-WSP Software. An Import facility is also included which imports the EPANET file into the GIS-WSP.

Parameter Distribution Display

The GIS-WSP utilizes the ArcGIS’s powerful Raster Grid display engine to display the distribution of the parameters e.g pressure, total heads, actual demand etc over the entire project area. The GIS-WSP has built in Spatial Analysis function which does not require ArcGIS’s Spatial Analyst Extension for creating spatial distribution of data.

Preparation of Detailed Profile Drawing

A built-in facility for creating detailed engineering profile of the pipe line is included which provides the profile of the pipe line along with ground levels, residual heads and other annotations in ready to print format. The profile can also be exported to the AutoCAD for further refinement. The entire plan can also be exported to AutoCAD dwg format.

Consumer Mapping Integration

The consumer mapping includes all the customers as well as non-customers in the map with unique IDs and related socio-economic data in attribute or linked tables. The consumer mapping can be seamlessly integrated in the water distribution model to analyze various scenarios of consumptions and expansion of the network. It can also be useful for performance monitoring and social impact assessment works.

Linking to Other Tables

Since the software operates inside the ArcGIS and can utilize all the function of the ArcGIS, linking to other tables and data is readily available without any customization works.

Network Data & Details

A comprehensive data of network including the pipe age, pipe types etc is included in the geo-database. Additional fields can be easily incorporated in the geo-database to include data as required without affecting the program execution. This is a huge advantage over the traditional software where custom fields are difficult to implement.

Seamless Integration to GIS System

The necessary data like design parameters, network data and related data inputs are stored in geo-database system. This program takes full advantages of geo-database system and also link to variety of other information system within ArcGIS. Since the software is embedded into the ArcGIS, other GIS facilities are readily available and the application is not only limited to the water distribution modeling but also to other related data layers.

Training & Support Service

The software is fully supported by SOFTWEL (P) Ltd and it provides regular training not only in the operation of the software but also in theoretical and practical aspects of the water supply network distribution modeling. A very cost effective Annual Maintenance Contract is implemented to make even a small organization to have full benefit of the software.

Cost Effective Solution

The GIS-WSP is cost effective solution which is priced very economically such that every organization can afford it and utilize the modeling capability to its full extent. All the extension and add-modules are bundled without any separate charge.