Specialist in Engineering Software Development

Sw Fead

SW FEAD is a complete software package based on Finite Element Method developed by SOFTWEL (P) Ltd for Multi- Storied Building which is efficient, powerful, accurate and convenient. It contains the built in facilities for automated computing of earthquake loads based on Nepal Building Code (NBC 105:1994), interactive design environment of the structural components using relevant IS Codes and production of detailed drawings. The data output of elements are obtained in EXCEL format, while the drawings along with Grid Layout Plan are achieved in AutoCAD file format, ready to print.

Built-In Limit State Design Concept

SW FEAD concrete design is fully based on Limit State concept or Plastic Design. Both Limit state of collapse corresponds to flexure, compression, shear and torsion and Limit state of serviceability corresponds to deflection, cracking and vibration have been taken into consideration for the concrete design of elements.

Model Generation from Template / AutoCAD

SW FEAD generates all necessary models (2D/3D) directly from template function. The software is also capable of handling modeling of complex, unsymmetrical structure through additional features like Import DXF and Attach DXF File from AutoCAD format.

Standard Load Combination

The SW FEAD is equipped with nine different standard load combinations for Live Load, Dead Load and Earthquake Load along with permissible partial safety of factor as per the provisions made by IS:1893-2002(Part-I). It automatically computes the slab load and executes analysis and design for the critical and maximum forces induced from different combination of loads.

Automated Computing of Earthquake Loads

The SW FEAD has built-in power for automated computing of earthquake loads based on Nepal Building Code (NBC105:1994) through two methods of seismic analysis(Seismic Coefficient Method and Response Spectrum Method) for different values of Site Subsoil Category, Seismic Zoning Factor, Importance Factor and Structural Performance Factor.

Design And Detailing For Ductility

SW FEAD performs design and detailing for ductility based on the provisions of IS: 4326-1993, IS: 13920-1993 and ACI 318-1993 for beam and column elements.

Interactive Design Environment

SW FEAD includes a powerful interactive design atmosphere with many options for individual element components. Facilities like rearranging, bar diameter, bar position, checking steel area at different sections and grouping of elements having same steel area provides a very convenient design environment.

Different Grade Of Concrete and Section Types

The SW FEAD has built-in concrete design of grades M15, M20, M25, M30, M35, M40, M45 and M50 and assigning sections of types T-Section, L-Section, C-Section, I-Section, Rectangular Section & Circular Section to beam and column elements.

Different Types of Footings

The SW FEAD is capable of designing various types of footings namely Isolated Footing (Rectangular & trapezoidal), Combined Footing (Rectangular & Strap Beam) and Raft Footing in accordance with suitability of subsoil type of the modeled structure.

Display Of Force Diagram with Magnitude

SW-FEAD displays force diagram for Axial Force, Shear Force (Along Z & Y Directions), Moment (Along X, Y & Z Directions) and Deflection along with their magnitude for each element of the modeled structure under different Load Combinations.

AutoCAD Interface

SW FEAD provides complete interaction with the AutoCAD (ver 2000 to 2006). It provides final drawing of individual or group of elements along with all necessary detailing in Auto CAD format, ready to print.

Data Output

SW FEAD generates output data after the execution of analysis (static or dynamic) and concrete design of different elements with reference to Element Loads, Seismic Loads, Deflection Abstracts, Center of Stiffness, Center of Mass, Element Grouping, Element Design Load and Layout Data in EXCEL format.

Grid Layout Plan

SW FEAD is capable of displaying grid layout plan of entire modeled structure showing column and footing configuration with c/c spacing along with column dimensions.

Integration to Future Packages

It is our target to incorporate Truss Element, Shear Wall, Earth Retaining Structures (Cantilever/Counterfort Retaining Wall), Folded Plates and Shells in our future or updated version of SW-FEAD packages. s.

Wide Application

It is believed that SW FEAD software serves as useful tool for the analysis and design of frame structures to individual or group of Designers in Nepal. SW-FEAD is supposed to be first and single software available in Nepal which has been incorporated of Nepal Building Codes and is highly suitable to Nepali Designers owing to its user friendly and compatibility attributes to other softwares.