Specialist in Engineering Software Development

Sw Canal

SW Canal 2007 is a software package for the new and existing canal design work developed by the SOFTWEL (P) Ltd. It is the upgrade of previous Software SW CANAL 2004 and it has its own visual screen for plan, profile & cross-section and data sheet for data input. Earlier versions of SW Canal have been successfully used in many irrigation projects in Nepal including the Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project, Mahakali Irrigation Project – Stage III, Phatepur Irrigation Project and Sikta Irrigation Project. Present version includes support for generation of Canal Plan, Profile and cross-section interactively.

SW Canal 2007 runs in Windows platform (windows 98/2000/XP/Windows 7) and support AutoCAD version below 2007. SW Canal 2007 has inbuilt data input area from where data for plan, profile and cross-section can be supplied. In addition to this it has data import facility from where data can be imported from excel. Whole design process is included in the software itself with different tools to optimize the design. The software has the facility for exporting all drawing and data to AutoCAD and Excel.

This Program has a customized design chart for canal design and interactive module for the drawing of Profile/Cross Section. The Program reads the data from the Excel and plots in AutoCAD.

This program will eliminate the need of using various programs as well as reduces the time for training. It will provide the clients highest standard of professional output and complete satisfaction. As the software is being developed right here in Kathmandu, we are in position to provide you highest standard of support service.

Automatic Profile and Cross-section

Design Profile and cross-section are generated automatically according to the input data provided by user. The Profile and cross-section can be viewed instantly in its own screen. Further more Canal parameters for each section can be edited easily in its own window. It check every Off-Take Canal level regularly and report the error to the user if exist. It has the capability of generating error report and inform the user immediately about any error in their input.

Built-in Digital Terrain Modeling

The SW Irrigation System 2007 has built-in DTM for contour generation. The DTM is seamlessly integrated and can be used for extraction of Longitudinal and Cross section profiles.

AutoCAD Drawing Output

SW Irrigation System 2007 provides its drawing outputs in AutoCAD (Ver. 2000 to 2006). It also provides production of the final drawings with sheet planning directly in the AutoCAD format.

Automated Quantity Abstraction

The quantities are automatically extracted from the cross-sections for various types of works e.g. Cut, fill, stripping and lining Quantities can be extracted for any given range of changes.

Variable Canal Sections

The Irrigation Canal can be design for variable section and the changes are readily updated in the plan profile and cross-section.

Database Integration

The necessary data are stored in database system and so this program takes full advantages of database system.