Specialist in Engineering Software Development


Softwel is a complete software package solutions. It has provided customized softwares as per the need of clients where as it has also provided the full software package on demand of clients.

Carpet Identification of Micro Hydro System, Alternative Energy Promotion Center (DANIDA Funded), 2004

This software is a GIS based system for carpet identification for the micro-hydro project all over the Nepal. In operates inside the ArcGIS (from ESRI USA) and provides facilities for pre-feasibility level system identification including data generation. SOFTWEL was involved as sub-contractor to “GENESIS Consultantcy (P) Ltd” on the development of the software in ArcGIS using Arcobjects programming interface.

The software has been successfully operation in the APEC and has already completed about 37 district works with more than 2000 schemes identified for the micro-hydro development potential.

Arsenic Management Information System (AMIS), UNICEF, 2008

The Arsenic Management Information System (AMIS) has been developed for the UNICEF for managing more than 2 million tube-well data. The system has been developed by SOFTWEL for the prime consultant “GENESIS Consultancy (P) Ltd” under a sub-contract agreement.The system comprised of:

  • MS Access database and Visual Basic 6.0 programming
  • Facilities for automated query, graphs and chart creation and report generation for the arsenic data by various types of regions
  • Arsenic mitigation database system
  • Map Interface using open source GIS (Map windows) with raster map background of all 20 districts of Nepal.
  • Training to the UNICEF and Government Staffs
  • Operating Manual and System Documentation.
Municipal Cadastral Management System (MCMS), 2008

This software is developed for parcel management based on GIS Application with capability of parcel merging, splitting and other spatial analyzing and viewing facilities. The software has been deployed for the Asian Development Bank funded seven municipalities under the “Urban Base Map Preparation”. The system is based on the Open GIS system requiring no licensing cost. It is expected that the system will be deployed to all the municipalities of Nepal.

Water Supply Billing System (WSBS), Town Development Fund & UN Habitat, 2009

The system is developed for the community managed water supply systems for automated billing, asset management and MIS systems. The development has been funded by the Town Development Fund with the financial assistance from the UN Habitat. The work comprised of

  • Water billing and MIS system using SQL server and C# programming
  • GIS Map interface and asset management using open source GIS (Mapwondows)
  • Reporting, Billing, receipts, query facilities
  • Security and data back-up system
  • Training and operating manuals

The work started in September 2008 and completed by February 2009. The deployment to the various community based organizations is planned during April 2009. It is expected that the system will benefit more than 100 community based organization managing the water supply systems.

Software System for Community Based Water Supply Project (CBWSS),Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (Asian Development Bank funded), 2007

The software is has been prepared for the ADB funded Community Based Water Supply Project. The software was developed for design of the water supply system, socio-economic data processing and costing of the water supply system. The system has been developed using Access 97 database and Microsoft Visual Studio C#.

The system has been already deployed to more than 300 non-governmental organizations and consulting firms working for the project. The contract was signed in April 2007 and the works was completed in September 2007.

Integrated Property Tax Software (IPT), Asian Development Bank (ADB), 2009

This software is prepared for integrated property tax system for the municipalities of Nepal. The Asian Development Bank under the Urban Environment Improvement project (UEIP) funded the development and training of the system for the Seven Municipalities of Nepal. The system has been installed in seven municipalities and are operational. As this is funded under the ADB, the system will be deployed to municipalities all over the Nepal at free of cost.The work included:

  • Development system using SQL Server system for the database.
  • Development of interface in C# using visual studio.
  • Development query, reporting, tax calculation, MIS system using C#.
  • Development of Map interface using open source GIS (Mapwindows) for display of cadastral maps and ownership.
  • Development of manuals and training at seven municipalities.
  • Support Services up to 2010.

The contract for the work was done in June 2006 and completed in February 2009.

Road Maintenance and Management System (RMMS), Roads2000 Nyanza Project, Kenya. (Sida Funded), 2009

The work was carried out by SOFTWEL (P) Ltd for the IT Transport (UK) under the Roadsd2000 Nyanza Project (Sida Funded). The RMMS consist of the overall road maintenance and management system including the project planning, budgeting, progress tracking and reporting, automated generated report to KRB (Kenya Road Board), asset management etc.The work comprised of:

  • Development of RMMS using SQL Server & internet enabled database system
  • Development of GIS system for road asset management using free open source GIS.
  • Development Training Materials and Operating manual
  • Training to 11 District Engineers on Application of the system in Kenya

Support Services

In Phase 1 the system has been deployed to 11 Districts of the Nyanza Province of Kenya. The work started in June 2008 and the Phase 1 was completed on February 2009. The Phase II is planned for August 2009 onwards and has plans to roll out the system to all over the Kenya by January 2010.

Mr. Prashant Malla and Mr, Kabindra K. Shrestha of SOFTWEL were involved in the development and deployment of the system. Both of them were deployed in Kenya for the installation and training of the system to the Kenyan staffs.

DST (Decision Support ToolBox)

Decision Support Toolbox (DST) software has been designed and developed to provide a set of integrated but self contained tools to support decision making process in the ecosystem management of protected areas. The DST software currently contains four application modules namely Knowledgebase, Spatial Analysis, Scenario Analysis and Decision Analysis.The work comprised of:

  • Development of Free GIS system based on Open Source (using Mapwindows)
  • Development Free 3D viewing system using DirectX 9.0 (like google earth)
  • Development of Interface for system dynamics model (simile from UK)
  • Development tools and system for data input for the system dynamics model
  • Development of tools for Multi Criteria Decision (MCD).
  • The work started in August 2007 and was completed on March 2009. The system has been already deployed by the ICIMOD in many countries.

ICIMOD is a international organization with collective collaboration of seven countries in the Hindu Kush region and has head office in Kathmandu

Custom Software

Besides these programs SOFTWEL has also developed many small programs like plotting of Profile / Cross-Section for general purpose, plotting of Survey points etc. SOFTWEL has also developed many programs in AutoLISP as per the requirement of the client. There is also one program in AutoLISP for generating Profile for any Alignment in the digitized Contour Map.