SOFTWEL (P) Ltd. is a company dedicated in development of engineering software. Equipped with resourceful professionals representing a broad spectrum of expertise, the company also offers technical consulting services for the development of customized engineering software. Establishment of an engineering software company was conceived in early 1998, when a group of civil engineers working as private consultants felt the need to uplift the use of software among the engineering community of Nepal. This turned into reality on February 2000, when it was formally registered in the Department of Industries, Nepal Government.


1. To develop computer software, especially engineering & GIS related software

2. To market the software in and outside the country

3. To conduct specialized course on software development

4. To participate on the research and development of Information Technology

5. To appoint national, international agents for marketing the software

6. To build national, international franchise for the development of software


1. Production of software based on civil engineering and gis software in the field of roads, irrigation, water supply, surveying and mapping, buildings / structures and sewerage / drainage

2. Customization of commercial software (wherever applicable) as per the clients requirement and to solve a broadening array of customer challenges

3. Provide on the job training to the engineering / computer graduates

4. Executing Strategy to provide the superior solution in the field of engineering and complete satisfaction